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We Now Do Tyres

Liverpool Mazda now do tyres for all makes and models! We supply and fit quality tyres for all vehicles. We have a wide range of leading tyre brands to help you find find the right tyres for your vehicle! For expert adivce and pricing, get in touch with a professional Service Advisors today!

How To Check Your Tyre Size

How To Check Your Tyre Size

To help us help you, you will need to find out your tyre size. This includes the tyre width, tyre profile, tyre type and tyre size. To do so, check the sequence numbers on the outer edge of your tyres.

Tyre Safety & Maintenance

Tyre  tread depth must be kept above 1.6mm.  The tread of your tyres will allow you to grip onto the road.  The less grip, the longer your braking distance will be.

> Frequently check the air pressure of your tyres.  When the pressure is too low or too high, it could lead to excessive wear on the tyre which can also have an effect on your vehicles fuel economy.

> Ensure your wheels and axel are correctly aligned.  Incorrect alignment will affect the handling of your vehicle and compromise your safety.  

Regularly check your tyres for deterioration, cuts, bulges and lumps.  

> Avoid overloading your vehicle as this will add additional stress to your tyres.  If you are adding additional weight or towing, ensure you adjust the tyre pressure according to the vehicle manual.

Tyre Pressure

Tyre Pressure

The tyre pressure for your vehicle can be found on a sticker on your door sill (as shown to the right), inside the petrol cap, under the vehicle bonnet or in your vehicle handbook.  Even ground contact must be maintained between the road and the tyre. Over or under inflated tyres will alter this contact, hence impacting the grip of the tyre! The pressure of your vehicles tyres must be altered if you are increasing the load. A heavy load is classed as 2-3 passengers plus luggage. 

When checking the air pressure of your tyres always make sure the tyres are cold.  An increase in temperature can change the tyre pressure reading by up to 4psi which means you will get an incorrect reading. Under inflated tyres leads to excessive wear to the sides of the tyre.  Over inflated tyres causes wear in the middle of the tyre, providing a poor ride quality and reduced grip.  


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