Perfexion CERAMIC Range

The Perfexion™ range of car care protection has been developed using cutting-edge technologies to maintain the original beauty of your new vehicle.

Buying a new vehicle is likely to be one of your greatest financial commitments. The diamond-tough Perfexion™ car care range is designed to protect your investment against unavoidable day-to-day hazards and environmental impact.

Backed by a five-star level of service, Perfexion™ ensures that your new car stays looking it’s best for longer. Don’t take chances – demand Perfexion™.

For more information, get in touch with our dedicated aftercare consultants who are committed to helping you maintain the full show room finish to your car from inside out, long after you leave our dealership!

Perfexion® Interior Treatment

Super-tough stain resistant coating provide the ultimate defence for your car’s interior. Nourishing leather, coating vinyls and soaking deep into fabric to create a highly-resistant barrier against everyday wear and tear. Warrantied protection against;

  • Fading and cracking

  • Food and drink stains

  • Perspiration stains

  • Dye transfer stains

  • Make-up stains

  • Ink markers

  • Pet stains

  • Odours

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    Perfexion® CERAMIC Window Film

    Perfexion CERAMIC Window Film reduces the temperature of your car’s interior while protecting it from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays using the darkest legal tint.

    With an SPF of 285+ it is your ultimate protection against the sun. The unique scratch-resistant coating does not fade and resists up to 99% of all UV rays while reflecting up to 84% of damaging infrared radiation away from the cabin.

    Warrantied protection against;

  • Peeling, cracking or bubbling

  • Colour fading

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    Perfexion® Electronic Rust Module

    Using capacitive coupling technology the module is effective in reducing the rate of corrosion.

    The unit is easily fitted and acts as an innovative, eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based chemical sprays.

    Product benefits include;

  • Protects 100% of the vehicle’s metal surface, both inside and out.

  • Prevents surface rust caused by stone chips and scratches.

  • Covers areas that rustproofing sprays and coatings cannot reach.

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